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Appearance - Workers about 1.6mm long, Light to dark brown in colour, Do not swarm, Bite – do not sting.


Worker ants produced in spring and increase in numbers up until autumn.
Winged ants (reproductive Kings and Queens), produced in early spring, before the workers, mature within three months and mate soon afterwards.
Argentine ants mate in their nest so no swarming is seen.


Worker ants will follow food trails for long distances so nests are not easy to track.
They prefer sweet foods but will also eat live and dead insects, meats, cereals and damaged fruit.
Argentine ants drive out other ant species from an area.


Although they may not eat large quantities of food in homes, they contaminate the food stores, and generally the entire amount of an infested product is thrown away.  When they invade homes, these ants also can cause problems simply because of their sheer numbers, crawling anywhere in the home including shelves, closets, stoves, dishwashers, countertops, refrigerators, beds, in clothes, or anywhere else imaginable. These ants also may spread disease because they tend to crawl over such things as faeces, dead and decaying animals, sewage, and other forms of refuse, and then contaminate foods.

Argentine ANTS  (Linepithema humile)