Appearance - One of the smallest pest cockroaches, brown banded adult cockroaches are approximately 10 – 15mm in length and characterised by yellow-brown stripes across their abdomen.


Brown banded cockroaches mostly stay on ground, but may fly in very warm climates. Their preference for warm, humid environments leads them to harbourages within heated buildings - ceilings, attics, inside and around appliance motors. Primarily active at night, these opportunistic feeders particularly enjoy materials with high starch contents.


The brown-banded cockroach poses similar health threats to humans as other species of cockroaches. While scavenging for food, the insects often leave behind faecal matter and other contaminating debris on edible items and kitchen surfaces. People who unwittingly prepare food on surfaces contaminated by brown-banded cockroaches or consume bacteria spread by the insects may contract food poisoning. The molted skin of brown-banded cockroaches is also known to produce aggravating allergens that can induce asthma attacks, especially in children.

brown banded Cockroach (Supella longipalpa)

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